Responsible Consumption of Energy

2015 Goal

  • Reduce annual energy consumption by 30% (from 2005 levels)

2017 Goal

  • Reduce annual energy consumption by 45% (from 2005 levels)


  • In 2012, Mercury completed the migration of its sterndrive engine-system operations from Stillwater, Oklahoma, to its Fond du Lac campus in Wisconsin. The changes enabled Mercury to realize gains in efficiency by consolidating a number of production operations and by making improvements to plant systems that yield energy savings and improve emissions and environmental compliance. Globally, steps taken by Mercury Marine in the past three years have resulted in total annual savings of about 284 billion BTUs, 167 billion of which resulted from consolidation of various operations. That total savings represents enough energy to power about 7,000 homes, or a town the size of Dodge City, Kansas.
  • Mercury Marine continues to move forward with smart energy practices aimed at reducing consumption of natural gas, electricity and water at all facilities. These efforts will reduce costs while minimizing our carbon footprint and helping conserve the earth’s natural resources. Our goal will be met by seeking greater efficiency and by employing new energy technologies as they become feasible and available.


  • Drive energy efficiency by implementing energy-reducing projects globally
  • Promote Best Practices in energy management
  • Continue to track and report progress to goals
  • Development and pursuit of long-term strategic improvement opportunities
  • Report performance results each year
Paint System Improvements = Environmental, Energy & Water Savings

The conservation of 27 billion BTU annually of natural gas and electric power − enough to power nearly 700 homes for a year − plus significant water savings, have been achieved through consolidation and improvements made to the paint systems at the Mercury assembly plant in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. System improvements were made to the paint spray booths and to dry-off and curing ovens. A wet-paint system was replaced by a new powder coat paint application, yielding significant energy and water savings, along with a marked reduction in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Process Heat Recovery Project = Energy Savings

A cooling-tower heat-recovery system developed by Mercury Casting in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is saving 14 billion BTU annually in building heat (in addition to the energy savings mentioned above through paint-system improvements). New heat recovery coils were installed in the discharge plenums of the HVAC units servicing the casting plants. Previously lost process heat is now recovered and used to heat outside air brought into the building.

Consolidation = Energy Savings

Logistical improvements achieved through consolidation of distribution centers in 2011 and 2012 resulted in additional energy savings of more than 11 billion BTU.

Mercury Global Energy Reduction
Mercury Global Energy Reduction Powder Paint
Savings in energy and water were realized when Mercury replaced a wet-paint system with a powder paint system.
Process Heat
Process heat normally released from the cooling tower is now recovered and put back into the return duct to heat the plant.
Cooling Tower
The evaporative surface of the cooling tower exposes water directly to the cooling atmosphere.
Mercury Global Energy Consumption
Mercury U.S. Energy Usage Graph
Mercury Global Energy Consumption
Baseline Total Energy Usage
- with & without Energy Savings Projects.
Mercury U.S. Energy Improvement Graph